Establishment & revival of block level nurseries

Sanction of funds under State plan scheme foe Establishment & Renewal OF Block level nurseries for the year 2012-13.

In order to provide quality planting materials for public sale as well as utilization in Govt. Programme, it is required to establish/ revive at least one nursery in each block for production and stocking of quality planting materials of fruits, vegetable & flowers. Besides, sale of quality planting material, these nurseries will act as information centre for farmers on horticulture crops. As such,28 nos. of block level nurseries have been revived / established with an expenditure of Rs. 150.00 lakhs during 2010-11.Similarly,it has been programmed to revive/ establish 30 nos of block nurseries with a financial outlay of Rs.150.00 lakhs during 2011-12.