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Proposed Annual Action Plan of National Mission on Medicinal Plants during 2011-12
Annual Action Plan 2011-12 Under National Mission on Medicinal Plants

Status Paper on National Mission on Medicinal Plants


National Mission on Medicinal plants is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under National Medicinal Plant Board AYUSH Department in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department.,Govt.of India. The Scheme has been approved with a total outlay of Rs.630 crores to be implemented during 11th Plan period. Here in the 11th plan period the Central Govt. Contribution is 100%. The State Govt. Contribution proposed to be suitably enhanced in the 12th Plan period.


  1. To increase the area under cultivation of different Medicinal Plants Species.
  2. Prioritizing zone wise species for commercial cultivation and contract farming.
  3. Promoting large-scale cultivation of valuable herbs through farmers in their private land through cluster approach.
  4. Providing facility for soil & water testing for the farmers before undertaking large-scale cultivation of medicinal plants.
  5. Devising proper post harvest management methods for handling of raw produce during storage & transportation.
  6. Developing marketing strategies after proper assessment of demand supply relationship with users & produces.
  7. Strengthening the training & extension activities regarding medicinal plant at State, District, Zonal & Block level and utilizing the infrastructure of the line department Agriculture, Horticulture,DRDA etc, for promoting the programme.


The scheme is proposed to be implemented in a mission mode. So, it has been decided by the State Govt. that the NMMP scheme will be implemented in the state of Orissa through Orissa Horticulture Development Society in the Directorate of Horticulture, Orissa, Bhubaneswar since the year 2009-10.

Pattern of Assistance under NMMP

Central Govt. Contribution is 100% till now. It may be proposed to enhance the State Govt. Contribution during 12th plan period.

Components under NMMP

Assistances under NMMP is given under 5 broad categories.

  1. Establishment of Nursery under public & private sector for procurement of QPM of medicinal plants.
  2. Commercial cultivation of different medicinal plants.
  3. Processing and value addition.
  4. Development of marketing infrastructure.
  5. Strengthening of the training & extension activities.