Plans & Schemes

Strengthening of School of Horticulture SP – Rs 20.00 lakhs

School of Horticulture, Khurda provides training facilities to the unemployed youths under NHM programme. Besides, it provides institutional in-services as well as pre-service training to the field staff under Directorate of Horticulture. An amount of Rs 56.00 lakhs is required for construction of new Girls Hostel (32 seats). During 08-09, Rs 17.00 lakhs (Rs12.5 lakh under NHM + Rs 4.5 lakh under State Plan) has been allotted for this. During 2009-10, an amount of Rs 20.00 lakh has been kept in provision for this purpose against the total requirement of Rs 39.00 lakhs for the hostel.

Input Subsidy (Hort): SP – Rs 0.01 lakh

Planting material is the basic requisite for getting a good yield in horticultural crops. The poor farmers normally decline to spend on purchase of quality planting material of fruit plants for planting in their backyards. So, the grafts/gootees/seedlings of good varieties of fruit plants need to be supplied at a subsidised rate to encourage them. A minimum five plants per beneficiary is to be supplied at 75% subsidy on planting material only. Around 2 lakh nos. of grafts / gootees / seedlings shall be supplied to the farmers at subsidized rate during 09-10, for which an amount of Rs 25.00 lakhs will be required. However, a token provision for an amount of Rs 0.01 lakh is proposed during 2009-10. If the required allotment is not received during 09-10 under “Input Subsidy” scheme, then the Govt. farm / nurseries shall supply the planting materials on subsidized rate meeting the cost out of revolving fund.

Development of Potato, Vegetable & Spices:

I). Supply of Vegetable Minikits at subsidized rate: SP – Rs 199.96 lakhs During 08-09, 247000 nos. of vegetable minikits and 6384.25 Qtls. of seed potatoes have been supplied to the farmers at subsidized rate with a financial requirement of Rs 249.29 lakhs. Out of which, an amount of Rs 223.64 lakhs has been received form Govt., leaving a balance requirement of Rs 25.65 lakhs. During 09-10, it has been proposed to supply 2.50 lakh vegetable seed minikits to the farmers at a subsidized rate of Rs 10.00 against the cost of Rs75.00 per kit for which an amount of Rs162.50 lakhs is required. Further, it is proposed to distribute 3000 qtls. of certified /TL potato seeds from Jalandhar area for which approximately Rs 60.00 lakhs will be required. Besides, it is also proposed to conduct 3000 units of demonstrations on Yam & Elephant Foot Yam in the farmers field, for which Rs 150.00 lakhs will be required @Rs 5000 per unit . Hence, the total requirement during 09-10 is Rs 398.15 lakhs including liabilities of 08-09. Out of which, an amount of Rs 199.96 lakhs is kept in provision for the programme during 2009-10.