Establishment of Regional Coconut Nursery

Financial assistance with 50:50 shares from CDB and state Govt. shall be provided for raising of coconut seedlings of promising cultivars. The total assistance is Rs. 25 per seedlings share by both CDB and state Govt. on 50:50 basis.

After release of funds by CDB, Kochi to State Govt., the state Govt. will sanction the funds with matching share to Director of Horticulture and Director in turned will allot the funds to the concerned Departmental Farms and Nursery for raising of seedlings.

For this propose, 12 months old mature seed nuts will be collected from the mother plants with good pedigree records , existing in the Departmental Farms or in the farmers field and will be sown in the Nursery beds after proper curing. Germination may continue up to four to five months and there after seedling will continue to grow which will be maintain in the Nursery bed and after reaching 12 months from germination with 4-6 leaves , those will be ready for disposal. The minimum recovery of seedling shall be 66.66% of the total nuts sown in the Nursery bed. The Horticulturist / AHO will make a record of entry in the stock book of the concerned Farm/ Nursery. Those seedlings so raised shall be utilized for plantation in different Govt. programmers as well as sold to public at Govt. approved rate. The sale proceeds to obtain shall be deposited as revenue receipt into the Govt. account through treasury challan.